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About Us


Prashar Nursery is a family-owned renowned business that was started in 1998 by Mr. Arun Prashar.  He was associated with the electricity department but out of his love for gardening and plants, he always dreamt of opening a nursery, and thus Prashar Nursery came into existence. The only objective behind opening this nursery was to follow his passion and never a business but with so good services now Prashar Nursery has established its name and fame across the globe. Over the years we have been providing services in this sector which include delivery of garden tools and accessories, gardening seeds, plant protection and growth, organic manures, planting, and gardening design ideas. 

We have been in retail for a number of years and hold a prestigious image in society, now with the time and considering upgrades in technology and the demand of people we have entered the online market as well. We do not lack behind in offering the best services and expertise to our clients.

We are among one of the best and certified nurseries and thus we target to meet all of our client’s needs. We try our best to satisfy our clients and provide them with the kind of quality they need.


For so many years, Prashar Nursery has been regarded as the best in satisfying the needs of its customers, we have dedicated years to all those who love and live gardening. Our clients no longer need to worry about gardening anymore. We are aware that clients do worry about the shipping rates but we assure you that they are affordable and our clients do not face any difficulty. 

You can avail the best and latest plants every time on our website. We regularly update our collection. It is very simple to shop on our website. Just check the website, go through the variety of plants, gardening tools, seeds, or whatever you need, and simply order. The items you ordered will be at your doorstep as soon as possible in the best condition.


1.The main problem observed by us, over the years was that farmers have limited knowledge about the work they are doing. They are unaware of the use of intrinsic fertilizers, pesticides, soil mixtures, modern technology, and quality seeds. Farmers are still stuck to their old traditional methods. 

2.Therefore, Prashar nursery took an initiative and opened a separate knowledge center where the entire knowledge regarding the gardening tips, ideas, best practices is being provided which has even proved great in giving successful results. 

3.We have always focused on increasing the knowledge of farmers they were always unaware of and introduced them to the new methods so that they can implement them and the results could be fruitful for both the plants and clients.

4.We provide a variety of services to our clients which include garden care, plant renovation, seed supply, watering garden.

5.Apart from services we have a variety of ferns, sun ferns, indoor and outdoor plants, a number of flowers, trees, shrubs, and seedlings. We meet a number of clients and make sure that we note down the demand and choices of each and every client so that we are able to meet the demand of every single person and avail every type of plant that the client wants.

6. We believe in providing impeccable customer service to our clients whether it is offline or online. Our main objective is to never disappoint our client and make sure that Prashar nursery is able to attend to all the needs, and answer all the queries of its clients. We do not believe in merely selling the plants but we guide our clients completely on how to follow up with the plant bought by them. We can also provide after-sale services and gardening facilities to our clients.

7.We never force our clients to buy a number of plants together. If our client is interested in buying a single particular plant, we will never step back in guiding them and thus, ensure that we never focus on quantity over quality.

8.We are a certified nursery for a reason. We will never compromise with the services provided by Prashar Nursery because we are not aiming for a short-term clientage. We want our clients to be associated with us for a lifetime. For that, we will try our best to satisfy all the needs of our clients.


We are not only selling plants but providing our clients with all the services needed for gardening.  Prashar Nursery besides providing you with the best quality plants will also share professional knowledge with its clients of how they can take care of their garden, how to follow up with a particular plant. Also, clients will never be disappointed if they want a plant renovation, all the needs for different kinds of seeds will be fulfilled by Prashar Nursery.

Therefore, it is not difficult to say why Prashar Nursery has acquired such a prestigious image in society.