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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) sector significantly contribute towards the global, national and local economies. MAPs constitute a crucial resource for a wide scale of products, varying from medicines, to food supplements, superfoods, food ingredients, cosmetics and body care products etc. Worldwide recent consumer trends have boosted the demand for natural ingredients as consumers started preferring natural over synthetic. India being the key player in the MAPs sector has an important role to play in promotion of sustainability in the sector. Through the Indian Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (I-MAP) - Industry Association, our endeavour is to work with the stakeholders like Government, farmers, collectors,....

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Objectives of I-MAP

I-MAP act as a key contact point for the medicinal plants industry stakeholders with regard to guidance, interpretation, monitoring and support in implementation of sustainable supply chain initiatives.

  • Provide support for initiatives around sustainable production and consumption of medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas related to medicinal and aromatic plants sector as well as communication and dissemination of value-added information, sector updates and newsletters etc.
  • Foster cooperation, collective and coordinated efforts by sector stakeholders for the advancement and long-term sustainability of the sector
  • Advocacy of sector’s interests and enabling policies that can work at national, regional and local level and facilitate sustainable growth of sector
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